Britannia Arabia

Britannia Arabia World Cup Campaign Britannia Khao World Cup Jaao! Play Video CHALLENGE With the Cricket World Cup 2019 around the corner, Britannia needed to find a way to own the biggest event of the year, while also extending the excitement of the brand celebrating over 100 years of existence. Our primary task with this […]

IFFCO – MyClubNoor

IFFCO Group – Club Noor Unfollow Campaign Inspiring Infinite Creations Play Video CHALLENGE Noor needed to change the way the category communicated by shifting the narrative from just tasty/healthy food to something more intrinsic – questioning a woman’s motivations behind her cooking. Inspiring her to go against the status quo. In that vein, inspiring her […]

Baskin Robbins

Iftar Inspirations Celebrate something different this Iftar! Play Video CHALLENGE Ice-cream sales see a decline during a decline because people tend to stay indoors, or prefer traditional Arab sweets. How did we solve this by bringing together an inspired collaboration? SOLUTION Baskin Robbins decided to make an impact on sales during Iftar by inspiring audiences […]

Baskin Robbins

Belgian Waffles – A-Capella Deliciousness What better way to celebrate a new product than a catchy jingle? Play Video CHALLENGE In launching a new product for Baskin Robbins, we wanted to create something fun, that would capture the attention of the audience, as well as linger in their minds for a while. We wanted to […]