Baskin Robbins

Belgian Waffles - A-Capella Deliciousness

What better way to celebrate a new product than a catchy jingle?

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In launching a new product for Baskin Robbins, we wanted to create something fun, that would capture the attention of the audience, as well as linger in their minds for a while. We wanted to create a song that would stand out, and give our audience an opportunity to sing and have some fun with the brand.


So when we planned to release the new Belgian Waffle, we also worked on a campaign where we collaborated with a young and upcoming artist, to create an a-capella rap around the theme of the Baskin Robbins Belgian Waffle. This rap featured both the waffles and the different delicious flavors of Baskin Robbins ice-creams in it, in a pure singing anon instrument format. The song was a success amongst consumers and increased trials of the Belgian Waffle considerably.

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