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Noor needed to change the way the category communicated by shifting the narrative from just tasty/healthy food to something more intrinsic – questioning a woman’s motivations behind her cooking. Inspiring her to go against the status quo. In that vein, inspiring her to find different and disruptive mediums to achieve this.


Our big idea was for Club Noor to launch the first ever Instagram page that didn’t want to be followed.

We launched an Instagram profile called “infinite_creations” set it to private; then denied any follow requests with unique direct message replies.

We received over 4000 DMs to the infinite_creations account from users wondering what all the hype was about. 329,000 organic engagements across our influencer accounts and our own platforms.

We reached out to a sum total of 4.67 million people without a dime spent on paid media. Our total investment on the Influencers was 9x the mileage of what we would have gotten through a paid media campaign.

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